UCU Region approves motion to go to Congress 2017 28/01/17

The motion was unanimously passed at the UCU London regional meeting 28/01/17!

Freedom of movement motion

[This branch] notes that at the 2016 Congress the UCU committed itself to campaigning ‘for no change in the immigration status of EU residents if UK leaves EU.’ Given current threats to freedom of movement within the European Economic Area,

This UCU branch resolves to campaign with UNISON and other unions for:

  1. Free movement of labour and against Points-Based Immigration Schemes
  2. The right of EU/EEA citizens in the UK to stay
  3. Full recognition of workers’ rights throughout EU withdrawal negotiations
  4. Removal of international students from net migration targets

 This branch further resolves to:

  1. Lobby Principals and VCs publicly to guarantee that for the indefinite future there will be no change in the employment or student status (including fee conditions) of EU/EEA staff and students
  2. Affiliate to the Free Movement of Labour – Campaign to defend freedom of movement across Europe post-Brexit

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