22 October Public Meeting to defend freedom of movement across Europe, post-Brexit

Public Organising meeting

Saturday 22 October 1:30pm

UCL, Darwin Building B40 LT – Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT  | Map

Speakers include: Liz Lawrence (former President of UCU), Sandy Nicoll (SOAS UNISON Branch Secretary), Rafael Sanchis (Chair of Hotel Workers Branch of Unite), Simba Lkaderi (NUS President Middlesex Students Union), Joe Cox (NUS Vice President of Middlesex Students Union)

The Tory Government is intensifying its attacks on international students, EU/EEA workers, immigrants and refugees. Over the last few days it proposed both to cut international student numbers to meet immigration targets and to force companies to disclose how many foreign workers they employ. On top of this, it decided to ban non-UK academics in advising government in debates over Brexit.

Some 3 million EU/EEA citizens who work and live in the UK are now being treated as an undesired burden by a party that wants to gamble with their future and that of millions of British people living elsewhere in Europe. The latest government’s announcements will do nothing but fuel racism, xenophobia, insecurity and racist hate crimes.

But neither international students nor immigrant workers are responsible for the state of the UK economy, and victimizing them will not benefit British workers. Nor will the £1.9m wall Theresa May is building in Calais. The wall will make the journeys of immigrants and refugees more dangerous and render them more vulnerable and exploitable.

And if the existing free movement of labour within the EEA were ended, the condition of EEA workers in the UK would worsen. Any restrictions on freedom of movement, and our right to work without discrimination based on nationality, will put increasing competitive pressure on EEA workers. This will affect all workers and weaken everybody’s rights.

We launched the Campaign to defend freedom of movement across Europe, post-Brexit in the University and College Union. But we seek to involve workers from other unions to build a wider campaign for

  • freedom of movement and opposition to points-based immigration schemes
  • up-front guarantee for existing EU/EEA citizens in the UK to stay
  • immediate removal of international students from net migration targets
  • full recognition of workers’ rights throughout EU withdrawal negotiations

Get in contact, get involved https://freemovementlabour.wordpress.com



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